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"Investing cinema is better than investing film”; "Don’t speculate in real estate but cinema”. Recently, such sentences were popular in film industry.

Domestic film market is hot, it attracts many capitalist to joint in. In the next few years, there will be a lot of theater will cooperate with commercial real estate and urban synthesis. There are some news that Stephen Chow, Feng Xiaogang and others will join in the film real estate. So, how far do film real estate can go? Why do theater enter business district? Do the real estate intent to support it? Or, do the film and real estate intent to adopt a new pattern?

More and more money stares at the film city.

With the rapid development of film industry, the development of film real estate is also facing unprecedented opportunity. Not only actors and industry insiders, but also more and more people focus on the upsurge of the investment and construction of theater.

Reasonable construction is more important than massive construction.

Domestic cinema is a union system. So many investors think that it’s easy to joint in. In fact, the theater construction and investment need scientific statistics, including the total of local population, per capita income and the status of main film consumers, ect,. Under the background of high rent of cinema, reasonable construction is more important than massive construction.

The real estate market of film is a regional market, the demand is impossible to increase greatly, immensely in short time. If investment is too fast, that will cause the imbalance of supply and demand, and collective will get into trouble. A rat race in industry and immature consumer market are the risk of film real estate investment.

It seems that Chinese film market is currently at a good stage, perhaps there will be many uncertain factors in the future.

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