7D Interactive Cinema Promotion in this Season

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The annual vacation is coming, especially for students and teachers who have a month holidays. Where to play in this vacation is a problem which they care. Teachers and students may go to travel, the theme park. It is also possible to go to the indoor 7D interactive theater, to enjoy a sensuous experience.

In Rock Hero, the heroine says, "Rock suddenly let me feel I can burn myself, break the boundary and jump out of it, release my inner real thing ”.

In fact, 7D interactive theater is also like rock. 7D cinema dynamic platform, not only can swing, but also can tumble. In front of the lifelike picture, we as if enter a virtual world, to release our passion.

 In the real world, we fear many things. We are afraid of height, when we stand at the top of the cliff or the Eiffel Tower, our legs will be weak. We are afraid of the little animals, for example spiders and snakes. But in 7D interactive cinema, we fear nothing, and there is no retreat. 7D movies usually take a roller coaster way to advance. We beat troubles bravely rather than the monsters engulf us. 

There are some suggestions for promotion in this summer:


1.Setting up a Website

The influence of a good website will be better than a number of platforms drumbeating.

2. Poster

A Japanese artist said:”poster is a silent propaganda ". An attractive poster can catch many people’s eyes.

3. Gifts

Some gifts with good practicability can attract more audience’s attention.

4. Schedule

The release schedule is very important. As far as possible to choose some festivals or holidays, such as Labor Day, National Day, summer or winter vacations, etc.

5. 7D movie

To select some popular films which are suitable for consumers to watch. The film's publicity is very important. Good publicity can bring high box office. 


1. Former 50-100 persons apply for membership of cinema, can get a free movie ticket.

2. Students can get a free movie ticket or discount by their excellent report card, letter of admission, certificate of award.

3. Students can enjoy discount by their student ID card.

4. People can get a free ticket by ID card in their birthday.

5. People can get a free ticket when he accumulates 10 records of buying ticket.

6. People who buy family or couple tickets can get discounts.

7. People who buy movie tickets can get drinks for free.

8. People who concern and transmit cinema’s Wechat, microblog, share news to their friends can enjoy discount.

9. People who book movie tickets and payment online can enjoy discount.

10. To cooperate with nearby businesses, people who consume in nearby storescan get a discount with movie tickets.

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