This Christmas, Baby Cat will accompany you!

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Baby Cat will accompany you in this Christmas! 

Baby Cat is a new generation star for children in China. It not only creates fun to children, but also advocates the international idea of environmental protection. Now, the cartoon of Baby Cat has been admired by more and more people.
Fortunately, Movie Power has reached a strategic partnership with Baby Cat company. During the event, you can get Baby Cat toy or other products of Baby Cat series if you order any product in Movie Power.

Christmas is the largest Christian festival, but also a traditional festival in the West. Christmas has now become a highly expectant festival.

For family, Christmas is a festive family party.

For friends, Christmas is a fun party.

For lovers, Christmas is a romantic date.

For the single, Christmas is a warm festival.

For kids, Christmas is a gifts day.

For youth, Christmas is orgiastic festival.

For the old, Christmas is a memorial day of ages.

For enterprise, Christmas is an chance to requite employees, close the distance of boss and employees.

For employees, Christmas is a relaxing playday.

For businesses, Christmas is a sales promotion.

For consumers, Christmas is a shopping festival to enjoy a variety of discounts.

For Movie Power, Christmas is a festival to requite the old and new customers. It’s also an opportunity to show our new products, and a memorial day of our saltant development. 

So Movie Power decided that those who purchase Movie Power’s any dynamic cinema equipments (4d theater, 5d dynamic cinema, 7d interactive cinema, 9dvr experience equipment) can enjoy discounts and great gifts in December 8th to 26th.

If you order before Christmas day, you also can get the whole set of Christmas scene decoration, a snow machine, propaganda posters, free activities planning and promotion support!

Rich gifts are chosen by you. And more surprises are waiting for you!

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