Madagascar has been hailed as one of the least developed countries in the world, but I don’t agree with that. In exhibition, I met Raharinosy Sarah who is from Madagascar, accompanied by her husband and cousin. From her words, I understand that Malagasies love life and entertainment, Malagasies’ minds are more advanced than many people. The developed level of a country should not be judged only by the economy.

In exhibition, Raharinosy Sarah was very interested in our product 9D VR, and planned to buy several sets, so we invited her to our company Movie Power. Along the way, we talked a lot. There are about their lives, and there are also about their work and the purpose of this trip to China. She does business of entertainment project, she has her own theme park, and business is very good. She also has a dynamic theater. Her dynamic theater equipment was bought from our competitor in last trip to China, at that time, she had not found Movie Power yet. Due to some reasons, the equipment couldn’t achieve the expected revenue. In order to cater to the local people's hobby, enrich local people's entertainment life, so this time she came to China to find new partner, to update some entertainment equipments, so that improve the local people's interest, attract more people to play. At this exhibition she found us, and experienced our latest product 9DVR-Ⅱ. After comparison, she decided to choose us, and ordered several sets of 9D vr equipment.

I hope that our products not only can help her to get a higher profit, operate more smoothly, but also to bring new excitement for the local people's entertainment life, let more people enjoy the power of new technology.

Raharinosy Sarah is a very easy-going person, the chat with her is very pleasant and relaxed. I hope Sarah can do better and better, look forward to getting her good news. Movie Power will continue to focus on new product development, we expect that the next cooperation!

Every Communication is Every Progress.

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