Egypt is an ancient country with a long history of civilization, but it can’t resist the temptation of ever-changing technology. Egyptians absorb new and progressive things while inherit ancient civilization.

At present, in the theater industry, the latest technology is the development of dynamic cinema. From the birth of 3D to 9D VR, this process means this industry not only make a breakthrough in the sense, but also seek development for this industry’s future from the body motion. At the same time, these innovations also give people a different sense of the film, more real, more exciting feeling. This kind of fun is difficult to express in words, but experience.

This customer came to Movie Power to experience the charm of new technology under his friend’s persuading. The charm of dynamic cinema is like food, only surface is not enough, still need to taste. When this customer experienced our products, he couldn't wait to have a set. He wanted to let his friends also experience this fun. As he said, even if it is not used for operation, it can be placed at private villa. It will be a good idea to enjoy the fun of dynamic movie at the party.

This customer brought a set to Egypt with no hesitation. To see what this customer was so positive to our product, it made us feel moved. So our boss gave him a discount. The deal was cheerfully done.

For some people, perhaps the dynamic cinema equipment is consumer goods. But for others, it may be an operating product. Whatever it means, if you like, you're happy, it's worth. Of course, we hope that it will bring your success and happiness.

Your little support is our big driving force.

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Address:No.64, Shixin Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China.(Movie Power VR Industrial Park)

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