4D dynamic cinema

  • 4D dynamic cinema, composed of 3D film and the surrounding environment simulation of the 4D space, it is build environmental effects base on 3d film, simulation and the composition of the new film and television products, through the audience to the film content of the physical stimulation , to enhance enhance the reality feeling.

    When the audience watching the 3D film, they will feel the storm,lighting, rain,crash,spray water mist and sweep leg function at the same time along the changes in the content of the film. 4D dynamic seats has a water spray, jet, vibration, sweep legs and other functions.

    Environmental simulation is the theater installed with snow, rain, lightning, smoke and other special effects equipment, to create a consistent with the film content of the environment, immersive, thrilling effect. Feel the visual impact in the movement.

Diagram of System frame structure

Effects of the dynamic seat

  • Dynamic platform from Movie Power can accurately simulate forward, backward, left, right, fall, bumps, hair, water, sweep legs, poke back, shock stocks and other actions. When the following scenes appear in the movie, you will experience the corresponding effects. For example: the film plot when the car left or right turn, the seat will make the corresponding action; when the film plot falls from up to down, the chair will simulate a quick down. This series of movie plot dynamic seats can be simulated and fully synchronized!

Environmental effects

  • Lightning simulation

    Simulating the thunder in the film,produce dazzling lightning, and accompanied by the roar of lightning, so that the audience seems to be in the thunderstorm days.

  • Wind simulation

    Using fan to produce wind effect, simulate the wind in the scene or a large-scale gas flow.

  • Snow simulation

    Snow machine could high efficiently and fastly making snow, making people get immersive into snow world.

  • Rain simulation

    When there are have rainy scene in the film, the rain machine will make rainwater according to film.

  • Smoke simulation

    Simulating a large amount of smoke from the combustion,always come with flame when smoke appear.

  • Bubble simulation

    Diver and aquatic spit out many bubble when underwater, people are very enjoy it around with bubble .

  • Flame simulation

    No matter war, disaster films or science fiction, adventure theme of the films, the flame is a special effect that the flame simulation. like the flame burning in the audience side, can easily create like a real scene

  • More Special Effects

    There are many simulations like flame, laser, smell, etc in the films can be customized, more than 30 kinds for your choice.

The advantage of dynamic platform

  • High synchronization

    It can support 300 dynamic seats simultaneously real-time synchronization, no error!
  • Fast response

    Using electric servo control technology, fast response, and movie synchronization up to 99%.
  • High precision

    The displacement accuracy of servo motor control can reach a circle of three thousandth.
  • High stability

    Electric cylinder is screw structure, with high precision, reversible, high efficiency and small friction and other characteristics.
    • 500 million times endurance test
    • Load 300KG for testing
    • Platform load 300KG and continuously tested 18 months, equivalent to the actual 8 years of cinema business time!
    • Servo control system in response to fast, simulated forward, backward, left, right, fall, bumps and other 30 kinds of actions.
  • Dynamic seat synchronization video

More types of dynamic seats

  • Standard dynamic 2 seats
  • Brown fiberglass dynamic 2 seats
  • Luxury dynamic 2 seats
  • Yellow fibberglass 3 seats
  • Luxury dynamic 5 seats

Large amount of HD movie

The construction capacity of large 5D Cinema

The Graphic design for 197 seats 5D Cinema
The Professional installation drawing of special effects equipment for 5D theater

Success case of dynamic cinema

  • 国际名模林志玲亲临南海湾?威尼斯洲国际会所及4D动感影院现场。坐在豪华舒适的VIP影院沙发上观赏4D动感的楼盘宣传片及5D动感电影。
  • 著名演员艺术家王刚老师亲临贵州万豪4D动感影院
  • 伊斯兰卡4D动感影院
  • 山西省朔州市山阴县电影院
  • 以色列4D动感影院
  • 国际西博会展厅4D影院
  • 保利云禧4D影院VIP厅
  • 新疆吉木萨尔县主题公园
  • 南海湾·威尼斯洲4D体验馆
  • 陕西安康欢乐世界自从引进了影动力5D影院,不仅带动了整个园区的客流,5D 影院还以它客流吞吐量极大的优势带来了高盈收。
  • 广东韶光60人4D动感影院
  • 72座5D影院入驻北京国瑞购物中心,大量顾客都慕名前来体验,不仅提高了整个购物中心的人流量,还丰富了首都人民的生活。
  • 四川省简阳市香港城
  • 越南国家体育馆
  • 香港新鸿基广州观塘销售中心
  • 山东省潍坊市奥体匹克体育公园
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