6/9 seats small 5D dynamic cinema platform

The action simulation are accurate and achieve above 99% accuracy with movie story because it adopts serve motor control.

Electric servo control 5D dynamic platform
In addition to the environmental effects, 5d dynamic platform also can accurately simulate kinds of action, such as forward, back, left and right, fall, and bump, also the dynamic seat has the special effects like wind, water, leg sweep, back poking, buttocks massage by itself. Synchronization with the film story completely! When the film appeared the following scenario, you will experience the corresponding effects.
Environment special effects
Based on 3d movie technology,5D cinema adds dynamic seat and environment effects. It gives audiences a real experience for hearing, sight, smell and touch. By the environmental simulation, the audiences can also feel wind, rain, fog, snow, bubble, flame, leg sweep ,back poking ,and vibration special effects, just like immerse in a real film world.
Independent R&D XD broadcast system
XD broadcast system is the core for 5d cinema, it can play 3d/4d/5d/7d movies at the same time. Now, it is the highest compatibility XD broadcast system in the field. Besides, those movies (more than 100)that we provide can reached above 99% accuracy for its action.
Statistical functions
Each 5d cinema seat are installed automatically gravity sensor, the sensor will automatically identify and statistic while the audience sits on the chair and it will statistic the number of audience every 2 minutes to make the data more accurate.
In order to ensure the accuracy of audience statistics,5d broadcast system also equipped with self-timer. The system will take a photo for viewing scene and save to the specified directory when the movie began to play, this function is very convenient for manager to manage.
Email revenue report
For more convenient to manage,5d broadcast system also comes with email manage function. The cinema operator only need to set the email address, login password and the price for each film, then the system will send the revenue report to your specified email every day. No matter where you are, you can get the latest revenue report of your cinema.
More than 100 high-definition 5D movie
There are more than 100 HD 5d movies which Including Roller coast/science/horrible and kid movies. All actions and effects with movie story’s can achieve above 99% accuracy.
Small 5D cinema layout
We can provide a professional design for cinema overall layout, special effects equipment installation figure and circuit line figure according to your space size. So, if you have a size for your place, please contact us.
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