5D large cinema is the perfect combination of films and special effects. All kinds of lifelike environmental effects make you seem to enter the world of the film. 5D theater is the upgrade of 3D visual effect and 4D dynamic sense, audiences not only enjoy the visual impact, but also experience the waggle of body. In 5D big cinema, the dynamic seats can be arranged by your space, the style can be customized as you like.
A variety of environmental effects can be realized with the film's plot, such as, wind, rain, snow, bubble, smell, ect.. That make audience be lost in movie, experience adventurous and exiting life.
Movie Power's dynamic seat is controlled by a servo electric platform , it matches with the film. The accuracy and synchronicity of motion is high to 99%. The movement of platform can be adjusted according to your requirement.
Varied film resources are waiting for you to select. What do you prefer, the interesting, cheerful, thrilling, adventurous or others? Movie Power's rich film database can satisfy all of you.
Rain: When the film for a rainy pictures, showing the slightest fear of stirring up the hall Xindy, which is installed in the hall on top of the spray device consists of computer controlled to complete, the audience will truly feel at this time rain fall from the sky, moist his hair and cheeks.
Snow: Snowflake function efficiently and quickly to manmade snow Feifei triumphantly sky drift down the screen from top to bottom with snow,indoor snow under. Snow on the screen and indoor snow mixed one, a sudden exposure to the audience will be wrapped in silver makeup Su's world.
Lightning: When the movie screen shots when there is thunder and lightning, cinema hall will issue a dazzling lightning, accompanied by the roar of lightning, so that the audience feel like being at the height of summer thunderstorm days.
Wind: Simulate the wind. Simulation scene in the film blowing scene or a mass of gas flow, a few fan works can make whole theater airflow movement at the same time, the effect of the real wind
Bubble : Generated bubbles filled the air of the real. Quest in the undersea world and underwater, the divers, aquatic plants and animals due to the role of metabolism, will spit out a number of air bubbles from the bubble machine blowing bubbles in the theater of the drift, alienation between the audience and the theater every corner of the make theater in the vivacious atmosphere of mystery.
Smoke: Simulate a large number of burning smoke, smoke arises accompanied by "flames" as if the sky in the combustion. Simulated mist shrouded, curl between clouds dance in the audience.
1.Hardware has  1 year warranty,  software is lifelong  upgraded for free.
2.Professional  R&D team provide  progressive products  and technology  continuously.
3.Veteran and  responsible  installation  personnel help you  to save labor  costs and time.
4, Energetic  marketing team  assist you to design  the 4D theater’s  promotion.
5.Strong sales  team respond  problems within  5 minutes, dispatch  after-sale service  within24 hours.
1.We have specialize in the dynamic cinema for more than 8 years
2.We have our own factory,covering more than 2,000 square meters,Including showroom,office,workshop and warehouse
We have professional sales team to meet with your requirements, have experienced
technical and after-sales team to answer and solve all your concerned Matters
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